Friends! The BUSY project team is actively organizing a business mission to the International Technology Conference Startup Village 2021, which will be held on May 27-28, 2021 at the Skolkovo IC. 5 entrepreneurs of Karelia will take part in the event program free of charge.
Well, we asked a novice entrepreneur Veronica Porozhskaya why she chose the BUSY youth coworking space for work.
Veronica is engaged in tourism, is an experienced instructor, yoga teacher and, more recently, but very successfully, organizes and conducts her own tours, retreats and field trips.
"Coworking appeared in my life for a reason, as soon as I thought about opening something like that and about developing my business, the question immediately arose about my own office or premises, but since at the moment I do not have a super large team, and everyone who there are scattered across the regions and calmly cope with their tasks at a remote location, renting a room for oneself would be mediocrity and a waste of money, and working at home has never seduced me.
As an aspiring entrepreneur, I immediately began to look for different options for developing my business and platforms for further work. The coworking space turned out to be that very ideal venue. And in general, when I turned to the My Business center, I met a lot of interest and responsiveness.
Now, to be honest, I can't imagine how you can not sit down at the same computer every day, not see the sunny smile of a wonderful administrator and all the people-entrepreneurs who come there, just like me! And this is not to mention the fact that by chance for myself it was there that I found reliable allies and partners!
Everyone has their own place and everyone sits in their own work atmosphere and that's cool! Modern, comfortable, cozy and most importantly free, which is very important when you are just starting. "
Well, we are glad that our BUSY project and open coworking space is useful for the business community of Karelia.
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29 April 2021