Friends! Already this Sunday, the BUSY project delegation will travel to Moscow, where on May 24-25, an international technology startup, the Startup Village 2021 conference of entrepreneurs and innovators, will be held on the territory of the Skolkovo innovation center.

Within the framework of the BUSY project, 5 young entrepreneurs will take part in the conference program free of charge. We continue to acquaint you with the members of the delegation.

Tatyana Goldobina produces and promotes eco products, ECOHRUM berry marshmallows from Karelia. A marshmallow is being prepared from mashed sour apple varieties with the addition of the pulp of seasonal Karelian berries. It contains no sugar or chemical additives. The ECOHRUM recipe was created for their loved ones as a tasty and healthy substitute for sweets. Tatiana is actively looking for new sales markets, including in Finland, and has already achieved great success. Expect new acquaintances and inspiration for ambitious actions from participation in the conference! 

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18 May 2021