Friends! On May 24-25, the Skolkovo Innovation Center will host an international technology startup - a conference of entrepreneurs and innovators Startup Village 2021.

Within the framework of the BUSY project, 5 young entrepreneurs will take part in the conference program free of charge. It should be reminded that the selection of candidates was carried out after the "Petrozavodsk-Joensuu" pitch session.

We introduce you to the members of the delegation. Ilya Yushkov is engaged in the export of useful minerals from Karelia.

"We mainly supply shungite. We have been working since 2017. We also ship other minerals, such as Gabbro-Diabaz.

Our main goal: to reach the best level of quality of export service in Russia. Victory stands behind quality.

I learned about the pitch session from my partner 1 day before the event. Literally in a matter of hours! I immediately decided to register and perform - a cool opportunity!

A trip to the Startup Village 2021 conference is a point of growth for me! I hope to get the maximum amount of insights, ideas, inspiration from other projects. I also want to feel the powerful atmosphere in the hall, which is full of business ideas and projects. "

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13 May 2021