Friends! Yesterday in the Karelian Regional Youth Center a pitch session "Petrozavodsk-Joensuu" was very productive, at which 5 entrepreneurs presented their business ideas to Finnish experts.

Ekaterina Biktimirova presented the project "City as Art", the first route in Russia with augmented reality @createptzkarelia. Mikhail Sidorov spoke about the Flexy Professional Web project, an association of designers, programmers, copywriters and project managers under a single brand who create websites and mobile applications for businesses and startups.

Tatiana Goldobina not only presented her company EcoHrum for the production of fruit and berry marshmallows, but also demonstrated samples of her products and presented them to the participants as a gift. Young entrepreneurs from Karelia Stone presented shungite products, and Elena Agaltseva-Barskaya invited Finnish colleagues to the NewCamp Glamping Network | Karelia.

All participants received feedback from experts and recommendations for improving the pitch. Further, work with each entrepreneur will take place on an individual basis, depending on the niche and specifics of business projects. In the near future, we will name the names of 3 entrepreneurs who will take part in Startup Village 2021 with us.

The International Technology Conference Startup Village 2021 will be held on May 27-28, 2021 at the Skolkovo IC. You can get acquainted with the conference program on the website https://startupvillage.ru.

Recall that the international project BUSY pays the cost of an entrance ticket to the event (3,000 rubles), travel and accommodation for entrepreneurs
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9 April 2021
г. Петрозаводск