Friends! On Friday, at the BUSY youth coworking space, opened with the support of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia, we met with entrepreneur Mikhail Sidorov, creator of Flexy Professional Web, and filmed a series of interviews for Finnish partners.

Flexy Professional Web is an association of designers, programmers, copywriters and project managers under a single brand. The guys create websites and mobile applications for businesses and startups.

Mikhail took part in a pitch session with Finnish partners, presented his business and received the highest marks from experts. As a result of the pitch session, I got the opportunity to go to the Start up Village innovative conference for free.

Mikhail is also actively developing the IT community in Karelia and invites on August 27 to ITF Friday, an event for people interested in digital technologies, innovations, creativity, programmers, designers, managers, entrepreneurs, as well as startups and investors. Link to the program and registration:

Soon we will share a video and tell you how a young entrepreneur plans to develop and scale his business in Finland, as well as create an international IT community.
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23 August 2021