Friends! Due to the closed borders, we conduct part of the planned events, live meetings within the framework of a business mission with Finnish partners online. The borders will open, and we will be ready to scale the business!

On November 18-19, together with Finnish partners and other international projects, we held an online meeting to solve real business cases of entrepreneurs "Cross Border Corridor". 2 entrepreneurs from the BUSY project took part in the event. The participants' task was to provide a group of Finnish entrepreneurs and university students with a detailed presentation of their company and views on business expansion. During the event, the participants also had the opportunity to find potential business partners for their business. Finnish entrepreneurs and students responded by developing a business-friendly plan, methods or options for collaboration, including distribution channels, lead segmentation, marketing fundamentals, communication, etc.

We share the opinion of Tatiana Goldobina, manufacturer of Ecohrum pastilles: "The main goal was to find a partner on the Finnish side for the possible distribution of our products. The presentation was capacious, and the questions from the participants were specific and on the topic. The result exceeded all my expectations. This week we have a shipment samples of a potential company that distributes Russian products to Finland. They are ready to take all customs costs, logistics and other formalities. " #busy_project # busy4022 #kareliacbc #crtsm #karelia command


2 December 2020