Friends! The BUSY team is already preparing for the release of 4 new interviews with Karelian entrepreneurs, active participants in the project.
Yesterday we met with Yana Permyakova, director of the Interior Design Center and founder of the KARELIAN DESIGN showroom.

Yana Permyakova has been professionally designing residential and public facilities since 2006: then she created the Interior Design Center in Petrozavodsk.
In 2017, interest in Karelian traditions and cooperation with artisans took shape in a separate project - Karelian Design. Karelian Design is a showroom in Petrozavodsk that promotes local craftsmen and a brand of furniture and household goods in the Karelian style.

Yana has developed a design project for a youth coworking space called BUSY, where aspiring entrepreneurs now work and conduct training events.
Soon we will share an interview with Yana, in which she tells how she became an entrepreneur, what problems she faced at the beginning and how she sees cooperation with Finnish partners.

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2 September 2021