Friends! We continue to acquaint you with entrepreneurs who are participating in the business mission of the international project BUSY and traveling as part of a delegation to the city of Joensuu to meet with potential Finnish partners.

Alexander Garder, director of the Travel Hut company for the production of cozy mini cottages for recreation in the forest.

The hut is intended for outdoor recreation, in places where it is difficult to install a solid structure. Allows you to comfortably spend several days in summer and winter, admiring the beautiful view through the panoramic windows. Perfectly integrates into the natural landscape, allowing people to feel like a part of nature, enjoy a vacation in such wild places where it would be possible to spend the night only in a tent.

Can be used in the private sector, in conditions of limited land use or areas with a small area. It can also serve to expand the number of rooms in hotel complexes and outdoor camping.

The entrepreneur plans to offer cooperation to Finnish partners and scale his business to the international market.

By the way, Alexander's travel hut is already located on the territory of the eco-hotel Karjala Park. Who has already rested in it? Share your impressions.

More details about the huts, materials, cost on the website - https://travelhut.ru/ru


4 February 2020
г. Петрозаводск