Friends! On March 14, entrepreneurs, active participants of the BUSY project, attended the training by Irina Rubinshtein "Scaling the company through the personal brand of the leader". The meeting was organized by our partner, Business Environment, Region 10.

During 6 hours of training, we discussed a wide range of issues of concern to any entrepreneur and those who plan to develop their personal brand: from public speaking skills to developing content on social networks to promote their products and services.

We would like to thank Yuri Tikhonov, Margarita Bekirova and Irina Naumochkina for their participation.

Due to the current situation, we recommend postponing attendance at public events and transferring business meetings to the online format. Well, we, in turn, are planning a series of live broadcasts, where we will tell about our future trips and events, as well as share the intermediate results of the project.

If you want to shoot a joint live broadcast, talk about your business, then write to Bozhko Angelica.


14 March 2020
г. Петрозаводск