Friends! And we continue to work actively and talk about the BUSY project at business events and training seminars, where we act as experts and speakers.

So, on March 16, Bozhko Angelica, together with Denis Dovolnov, held a seminar on marketing in business, which was attended by more than 40 existing and emerging entrepreneurs. Main organizer: Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia.

And tomorrow, March 24th, Piter Inn will host 2 seminars for entrepreneurs on business communication, public speaking skills and business marketing. Bozhko Angelica and Denis Dovolnov will also be the speakers.

Training meetings are held within the framework of the training "ABC of Entrepreneurship" from the Center for Educational and International Programs of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia

During the seminars, all participants also receive information about the possibilities of participating in the events of the BUSY project and scaling the business to the international market.

BUSY - working!


23 March 2020
город Петрозаводск