Friends! During a pandemic, small and medium-sized businesses are in particular need of developing and adopting adequate, effective support measures. Collected all the most relevant news on the most exciting topics for entrepreneurs in one post.

Businessmen of Karelia can take part in the large online forum SYNERGY ONLINE FORUM free of charge, which will take place on April 17-18. Details and registration link - https://vk.com/krkarelia?w=wall-153350740_1410

A series of free webinars for entrepreneurs "Online Business" from the Mediaweb studio on April 14, 17 and 22 - https://vk.com/krkarelia?w=wall-153350740_1416

On the provision of a subsidy for partial reimbursement of the costs of paying salaries to employees in the amount of the federal minimum wage in the video - https://vk.com/economy_karelia_ru?w=wall-137993596_2829

A website has already been created and is functioning with a list of enterprises whose activities are not subject to suspension - http://rabotaem10.ru. According to the TIN, you can determine whether the organization can operate.

An online store "Made in Karelia" has been created - https://shop.kr-rk.ru/, where entrepreneurs can trade for free.
Currently, 140 entrepreneurs have already registered and are submitting their products to the Internet resource, which will be open to buyers on April 22.

Yesterday the Minister of Economic Development and Industry of the Republic of Karelia Oleg Ermolaev presented a prototype of the site https://help.kr-rk.ru/ The key task of the site is to unite all the support measures provided in Karelia, to make a convenient tool for entrepreneurs, where they can get acquainted with all existing support measures for SMEs.
On April 15, at 12 noon, the site will begin its work and will become a convenient resource for all entrepreneurs.

Hotline phones to support exporters in the context of restrictive measures - https://vk.com/krkarelia?w=wall-153350740_1422

On April 10, the second online meeting of the Head of the Republic of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov, was held on the topic of business support. What were discussed, what measures have already been taken and are planned to be taken by the link - https://vk.com/id419407976?w=wall419407976_169788

We remind you of all hotline phone numbers on the application of current legislation, as well as the provision of support measures to SMEs in the context of the restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the new coronavirus infection - https://vk.com/economy_karelia_ru?w=wall-137993596_2657


14 April 2020
г. Петрозаводск