Friends! On February 18 and 19, the team of the international project BUSY and a delegation of entrepreneurs from Karelia consisting of 10 people organized and held a business session in the city of Joensuu with more than 20 potential partners from Finland. The event was held in the Spark Joensuu space.

A business session in Joensuu is step 2 of a business mission. The program of the business session turned out to be very rich and fruitful. Within 2 days, a series of meetings was organized with specialists and experts, as well as entrepreneurs from Russia who successfully launched their business in Finland.

So Alexander Konovalov shared relevant information about the specifics of foreign economic activity, and Artem Semyonov, Advisor to the Head of the Republic of Karelia in Finland, spoke about the difficulties that entrepreneurs from Karelia face when entering the Finnish market. Businessmen from Karelia were especially interested in the issue of insurance of contracts, certification of products and customs legislation.

Elena Kharcheva presented the BUSY project and once again announced the next event for entrepreneurs, which will take place in March in the city of Oulu - Polar Bear Pitching.

Then all the participants in the business session were expected to have a fast date. This technology was aimed at acquaintance of Finnish and Russian participants with each other, as well as a short presentation of their business projects. In addition to the presentation, our participants demonstrated samples of their products, advertising materials (business cards, brochures, commercial offers).

For example, Toivo Liukkonen, the head of Your Printing House, in addition to organizing a full-fledged promotional zone, presented each Finnish partner with a package with the printing house's products, as well as personal notebooks with the names of each participant in the business session.

After they met, the participants were addressed by entrepreneurs from Russia who launched a business in Finland. For example, Andrey Lebedev, a representative of the well-known sports equipment manufacturer | MB Barbell, spoke about the difficulties they faced when starting a business project and shared practical advice on doing business in Finland.

The participants of the business session were greatly interested in the speech of the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Karelia, Alexander Pankratov.

Also, all entrepreneurs got the opportunity to publicly present their project, show presentation videos, price lists and commercial offers.

After getting to know each other, the participants divided into groups depending on business areas, interests, and for several hours worked on creating a roadmap for joint international projects.

The business session ended with a discussion of the results of the group work and general impressions of the meeting. All participants in the event noted the real practical benefits and hope for the further continuation of cooperation.

Soon we will share with you short video reviews of the participants of the business session in Joensuu.

Meeting album - https://vk.com/album-176985519_270817445
More videos from the business session in our Instagram account -https: //www.instagram.com/busy_project/

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24 February 2020
г. Петрозаводск