About us

About project

«BUSY – Business for youngsters» is an international project implemented on the territory of Karelia and Finland (Oulu) within the Karelia CBC Programme.

The project was launched on October 9th 2018 and will last till 2021.

The main objective is to create international teams of young entrepreneurs who will have an opportunity to share experience, and in the future will also be able to qualify for investment support and implement their ideas not only in Russia, but also develop cross-border projects in cooperation with their Finnish partners.

Within the project it’s planned to:

  • Create international teams of young entrepreneurs and help them implement their ideas in Russia and Finland,
  • Ensure a high-quality professional training in the sphere of entrepreneurship,
  • Offer an opportunity to participate in such activities as Startup Weekends, hackathons, Polar Bear Pitching,
  • Create conditions for sharing experience with Finnish colleagues,
  • Help you to find business partners and mentors,
  • Provide an access to facilitators and a pool of investors,
  • Help participating start-ups and individual young entrepreneurs to grow and develop their businesses consciously and with confidence across the border,
  • Ensure your participation in the most interesting business events in Karelia and Finland,
  • Create a modern and fully equipped co-working space available for young entrepreneurs as well as start-up teams.

The project is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.


  • Karelian regional youth Center
  • Oulu University of Applied Sciences
  • The City of Oulu, BusinessOulu
  • The Karelian regional institute of continuous professional education (KRICPE) at Petrozavodsk State University
  • Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia

We are aimed at finding creative solutions which provide young people with the opportunity to advance in professional field staying at the region. And one possible decision is the development of cross-border start-up sector.

BUSY project will allow to join and synchronize / tune support services for SMEs in order to reach higher cross-border impact, strengthen the support services and develop educational resources, it will also enhance incubating services for start-ups willing to work across the border.

BUSY project will Identify and analyze the challenges and problems faced by young entrepreneurs and SMEs in the border areas, run comparative analysis of the barriers faced to business creation and self-employment both sides. This will allow finding the most effective mechanisms for developing youth entrepreneurship and creating favorable conditions for enhancing the impact of cross-border business projects on life in the region, as well as developing a strategy to support young start-ups.

We invite you to help in reaching this goal: make your dream true, become a part of an international team of young entrepreneurs - become a part of BUSY!